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Hypothyroidism Ebook Review - How to determine thyroid cancer

Symptoms of thyroid cancer occur depending on the spread of metastases. Metastases to the lungs and bronchi lead to inflammation. There is a cough with purulent sputum, fever, general weakness increases.

How to determine thyroid cancer? In case of suspicion for cancer appoint special studies. Diagnosis of thyroid cancer includes the following procedures: High Thyroid Symptoms

•    Ultrasound - It is necessary to identify the size and condition of tissue cancer.

•    Analysis of blood - in particular on the analysis of thyroglobulin is a marker of tumor.

•    Fine-needle biopsy allows to evaluate the structural and morphological changes of cancer and to evaluate whether a malignant neoplasm.  Treatment and prognosis

- The main form of treatment of malignant tumors of the thyroid gland - surgery to remove the organin some cases a further radioiodine therapy to prevent recurrence. In this case, for a time assigned a diet for thyroid cancer with iodine depleted.Effects of thyroid cancer can be from the very minimum, when a person after the operation leads a normal life, to the most unfavorable (http://www.hypothyroidismrevolutionreviews.com/hypothyroidism-revolution-the-success-stories/)

Much depends on the timing of treatmentbut the most serious consequences (death) in anaplastic cancerin this form of thyroid cancer mortality rate in the first six months after onset of the disease for more than 90%. On average, the probability of treatment of thyroid cancer is not less than 80%.

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